Hi! My name is Taylor Sauer and I’m a 2D/3D artist who specializes in character design. Currently, I’m a graduate student at the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University where my concentration is Art Creation in the Masters of Interactive Technology program. I have a BFA in Drawing from the University of Texas at San Antonio where I focused mainly on my passion, figure drawing.

I have a strong adoration for video games and a fascination for the art that creates them. As a hobby, I collect and search for game concept art for environmental and character designs in order to learn new style techniques and for inspiration.

During my time at the Guildhall, I’ve learned how much fun and valuable working with teammates can be. The collaboration of so many different ideas forming into one cohesive project is exhilarating for me. I’m looking for a career where I can continue these practices and work with fun, creative individuals.

A little about me…

  • I lived in the small town of Bandera, Texas my entire life until college. Its known for being the Cowboy Capital of the World.
  • I’m currently working on a thesis about digital scanning and its application to video games.
  • Some of my favorite games of all time include Golden Sun, Banjo Kazooie, Okami, Fable and anything Zelda and Harvest Moon related. I thoroughly enjoy games I can really run around in.
  • I love to collect odd earrings.


EMAIL I tsauer0922@aol.com
SKYPE I tsauer0922
PHONE I (210) 689 - 2822